L'Aiglon is resolutely committed to its tradition of knowhow. By remaining loyal to its values, the brand has succeeded in accompanying and often outpacing fashions and trends over the years. Our craftspeople are at the heart of it all – their passion and our Paris design team’s creativity are key to this fresh interpretation of French-style fine leather goods.

More than just simple fashion items, L’Aiglon’s new lines symbolise the creative energy that reigns at the very heart of the brand. In perpetual renewal and proud of its roots, L’Aiglon reveals a truly audacious collection.

Refined, structured lines are highlighted by subtle details and sheathed buckles – touches that first made its workshops’ reputation as far back as 1889!

Following meticulous selection of leather complying with the strictest ecological standards, the belt’s strap is cut out and its tip shaped as desired. All profiles are possible: curves, raw edges, etc. Cutters are made to measure in order to meet the design office’s requirements to the full. Our leathers are in full compliance with European REACH and Californian Prop.65 standards.

It is then trimmed all around to create extremely thin edges, such as L’Aiglon’s famous patented “Zero edge”, or obtain more or less rounded or angular edges in relief. Holes are then punched along the strap: a variety of shapes is possible, including round, square, officer and vertical oval. Finally, the strap is delicately bevelled in order to remove any unattractive surplus leather. Depending on the desired design, the belt is decorated with hand- or machine-stitching. Sections are then dyed in matching shades, or in contrasting colours to create a more whimsical look.
The final step in the manufacture of a L’Aiglon belt is attaching the buckle, which, as the brand’s signature accessory, is selected with the utmost care to complement the strap and highlight the model’s style. Since 1889, L’Aiglon’s workshops have been producing belts of elegantly formal design alongside more casual, up-to-the-minute models meeting the requirements of knowledgeable customers with an eye for detail.

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