From 1889, François Bayon, a fervent Bonarpartist, military tailor and inventor of an invisible corset that would cleverly embellish the silhouette of the men in the French army, developed his brand and gave it the name of L’Aiglon.

The company prospered very quickly and achieved great success. The corsets have given way to braces, then to belts. His successor Joseph Bayon built the factory in Angers and set out to conquer the world: Europe, Asia, the USA, and Japan (L’Aiglon was one of the very first companies to export to Japan).                 

Everywhere in the world L’Aiglon represents luxury, innovation, French taste, but also that special eccentricity which befits wealthy individuals.                    

L’Aiglon selects the most beautiful leathers for its belts, and designs a selection which only retains the exceptional. Smooth or grained classical leathers, but also exotic rare skins such as the caiman and the lizard, offer a wide choice of business or casual models. Hand sewn, they offer a quality that has never been equalled. The company adapts its creativity to a changing world, and developments in fashion are leading the company, among other things, to develop hand braids in colours and with a flexibility that guarantee success.                       

L’Aiglon is willing to cross the years and oceans to bring the prestige of France to the 5 continents thanks to a requirement which has never been denied, that of knowhow that has been lovingly preserved and innovative elegance. Whilst it has encountered several obstacles along the way, L’Aiglon has continued developing without ever being replaced.

In 1990 the reins of the company L’Aiglon were taken over by Dominique Vigin, its current president, seduced by the historical and exceptional knowhow of the brand. The company is growing and devotes its experience to the creation of its products and offers a wide range of prestige accessories. And more than ever lovers of leather demanding beautiful items do not question this perfectly designed classic modernity that accompany them in their daily living with refined discretion.               


120 years ago the brand opened its first shop right in the heart of Paris, quite close to the Place de La Madeleine, rue de l’Arcade in the 8th district.


With an enduring passion for fashion and its development, L’Aiglon has always asserted its technical and creative innovation dynamic, as witnessed by the “zero edge” belts, hand braids and today the “L by L’Aiglon” wallets – The Thinnest Wallet – a true revolution in the world of high-quality leather.

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